The Gwalia Singers (UK) – Conductor Matthew Sims


The Gwalia Singers are a male vocal choir based in Swansea, South Wales, with a total of almost 70 members. The choir was formed in 1966 with only 18 members, mainly from a local opera society. Unlike many male voice choirs in Wales, they are known for the variety of items they perform in both English and Welsh, and have also performed pieces in Latin, German, French, Spanish and even Chinese.
The choir performs at many musical events and weddings and supports several charities. They have tried every year to participate in an event in another country and have performed in Belgium, Holland, France, Lanzarote, Greece, Poland, Barbados and even Beijing in China, not forgetting their last visit to Italy in Grado in 2017. They have maintained a special relationship with the G.V. Teutonia Male Choir of Mannheim, Germany, twinned with Swansea, with several visits over many years. They were also the Welsh choir of choice to perform in Disneyland, Paris over many years.
The choir is a sociable choir with wives and partners accompanying the choristers to most choral festivals and competitions, and a very active women’s committee helps to financially support the choir with various social events.
The choir is led by Matthew Sims, appointed in 2022, and is supported by accompanist Rhian Liles and a supporting musical team.

The Eborae Mvsica Polyphonic Choir (PT) – Conductor Emanuel Vieira


The Polyphonic Choir of Eborae Musica, the Évora Music Association, gave it first public performance at the cultural event, Os Povos e as Artes (Peoples and the Arts), in September 1987.
Since then, the choir has given a number of performances, both at home and abroad, interpreting not only the polyphonic music of the Évora Cathedral Music School (16th- and 17th-century pieces), but also works from other eras, especially the 20th century and 21st.
As part of the commemorations to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the bestowing by UNESCO of World Heritage status on the city of Évora, the choir recorded its first CD, of the polyphonic music of the Évora Cathedral Music School, in November 1996; this featured Antoine Sibertin Blanc and the Pedro Caldeira Cabral Group, conducted by Maestro, Francisco d’Orey. Besides this, it has recorded pieces for the collection entitled Os Melhores Coros da Região (The Best Choirs of the Region) and also work for the RTP2 television channel programme, Acontece. The Choir has recorded and produced another CD by “Numérica” in 2005, and in 2007 and 2008 has recorded for Antena 2 “Open Concerts”. it has also recorded in 2008 one CD with the group “A Ronda dos Quatro Caminhos”, “Sinfonietta de Lisboa” and other groups.

International events featuring performances of the choir include: ‘Europalia 91’, in Belgium; the ‘Évora Cathedral Music School’ workshop in Kosice, Slovakia, as guests of the choir of the Kosice Technical University (which had attended the 2nd Meeting on this theme, held by Eborae Mvsica in Évora in 1999); the 16th International “Encounter with Polyphonic Music” Festival held in Giarre Sicily in 2001; performances in Denmark as part of an exchange with the Roskilde Choir in 2002 (MECINE Network); the 22nd International Choir Festival and the 10th International Religious Music Competition held in Preveza in Greece (the choir was bronze medal-winner). The Choir had some Concerts in Spain in 2012, 2014 and 2015in the Cathedral of Chartres (France) in 2018. In 2019 the Choir won three prizes at the Festival and Competition in Florence (Italy). In 2022 and 2023 the Choir gave Concerts in Spain , namely at the Guadalupe Monastery.

Parents & Friends (DEU) – Conductor Jochen Silex


In September 2004, teachers at the Protestant daycare center „Noah’s Ark“ came up with the idea on the occasion of a kindergarten anniversary: Why don’t the teachers and parents sing for the children?“ A choir was born and the „Parents & Friends“ project was launched. What Originally intended as a one-off performance, it developed into a choir that now interprets a wide range of different styles of music such as gospel, swing and PoP music and, above all, has found its own line with its own compositions. Many performances and joint concerts followed, for example. with Kathy Kelly from the Kelly Family or the Cologne Symphony Orchestra and several CDs. In 2024, the choir celebrated its 20th anniversary with a big concert that was fully booked early.

Coro polifonico Femminile di Portoscuso (ITA) – Conductor Nadia Fois

Coro polifonico femminile di Portoscuso (ITA)

The Coro Polifonico of Portoscuso was founded in 1993 thanks to the will and passion of a group of singing and polyphony lovers. Firstly, the choir was created with a mixed formation, but after a few years it established as a female choir. Currently, the choir is formed of 20 singers and it is conducted by Fois Nadia. The Choir has realized many concerts both in Sardinia, their homeland, as well as in Italy and in other cities of Europe. The Coro Polifonico has participated in many choral festivals, such as Music and Friends in Prague, Vienna, Festival Pusteria, Festival al Sole della Sardegna, Festival Garda Estate. They also have many relations to other choirs, establishing twinning with Italian and
foreign ones, such as Krakow, Nice, Lucca, Versilia. Their repertoire ranges from medieval music to sacred and profane music from the various historical periods. They also include a variety of Gospels
and Spiritual, contemporary music, excerpts from Opera, and popular songs from their beloved Sardinia’s culture and tradition.

Coro Polifonico Maria Munserrara, Tratalias (Italy) – Conductor Iside Fonnesu

Coro Maria Munserrara, Tratalias (ITA)

The Folk Choir Maria Munserrara was founded in 1980 in Tratalias, a small town in the Sulcis, and has approached the singing Sardinian driven by passion and supported by an interest in the values of the Sardinian culture, present in traditional folk songs.
Undoubtedly it has a long existence, among the most durable of the traditional groups of Sardinia, thirty-five.
From the date of founding to the present he has never stopped its research activities, elaboration and proposition of vocal expressions that are part of the musical tradition in different linguistic island: campidanese, Nuoro, logudorese and obviously Sulcis.
The Choir has taken particular passion, achieving good results, the sacred songs that accompany the celebration of Mass. Service also often play at weddings and not religious.
Almost his entire repertoire, about fifty songs, runs in polyphonic form, accompanied by the talented musicians of accordion, flute and guitar.
Over the years he has had the pleasure and the honor of performing in most of the municipalities of Sardinia, and has been featured in countless music festivals in the theaters, in the streets and on television island.
The choir has had the pleasure and good fortune to go beyond the boundaries of the island and represent singing traditional Sardinian beyond national borders. Like to mention the presence in Verona, Trieste, Padova, Brescia, Udine, Fumane, Borgomanero; abroad remember Grenoble, Forks Villers, Lyon, Bourg en Bresse!

Coro Polifonico Maschile Sulcitano (ITA) – Conductor Antonino Collu


The Coro Polifonico Maschile Sulcitano was born at the will of some fans of the choral music of the Sardinian kind and is composed, as by the name, by men only. There are four fundamental voices: the first tenor, the second, the baritone and the bass, and have about 20 elements.
The Group is formed and begins its activity in November 2016, therefore of recent constitution, and rehearse once a week as all members are already part of other mixed coral formation in the territory and is the only male formation in the Sulcis .
The conductor, Antonino Collu, begins his musical studies with the late Don Pietro Allori, continuing the training course strictly in schools and with private masters. It does not boast academic titles, only so much passion, a strong burden of humility and a lot of tenacity, which, combined together, allow the Group to achieve satisfactory results.

Coro Polifonico “San Giovanni Battista”, Domusnovas (ITA) – Conductor Vittorio Orrù


The activity of the ‚San Giovanni Battista‘ Polyphonic Choir of Domusnovas dates back to 1996 and soon became a significant reality that made itself known and appreciated at the numerous choral music gatherings organised in the Iglesiente and the rest of the region, in which it enthusiastically participated. The repertoire, initially purely religious, has been enriched over time with songs ranging from the Sardinian folk tradition to those of the Gospel & Spirituals world, touching on some of the best-known classical melodies and reworking evergreen hits of pop music.
In the year 2000, the Choir was established as the ‚Associazione Musicale Corale e Strumentale San Giovanni Battista‘ (San Giovanni Battista Choral and Instrumental Music Association), maintaining its focus on the repertoire of sacred music on the one hand, and on the other developing programmes that ranged across different musical genres and taking part in concert events involving choral ensembles from all over Sardinia and working to disseminate musical knowledge and raise awareness of active musical practice.
Through the constant commitment of Maestro Sergio Talana, who directed it until 2012, and the collaboration with the poet Francesco Carlini and Prof. Mario Puddu, a path was undertaken to rediscover and enhance the Campidanese folk song by including new songs inspired by the cadences typical of folk music itself.

In continuity with the experience gained so far, the activity led by Maestro Vittorio Orrù, who took over the direction of the choral ensemble in 2013, continues to confirm the consolidated repertoire and add new interesting proposals.
Since 2015, the choir has been collaborating and is the reference point for the programming in the Sulcis-Iglesiente area of the International Choral Festival „Al sole della Sardegna“, which has seen the Municipal Administrations of the area and the participation of local choirs as active participants. The review is proposed as an action aimed at the tourist and cultural enhancement of the territory.


He began his musical studies under the guidance of Maestro Pietro Allori and continued at the University of Pavia with a degree in Musicology and a Diploma in Palaeography and Musical Philology together with basic degrees in Piano and Organ at the Yahama Music Foundation. He has more than ten years‘ experience in music teaching, choral conducting and the management of public and private music institutions.

Coro Cuncordia, Bosa (ITA) – Conductor Angela Farina

Coro Cuncordia - Bosa (ITA)

The Cuncordia Choir of Bosa was founded in January 2023 by a group of women united by the pleasure and passion for traditional and popular Sardinian singing. The choice to call it ‚CUNCORDIA‘ stems from the importance of emphasising the agreement, friendship and harmony that is basic to any human relationship and even better in a choir.
Our repertoire consists of a sacred part that includes songs by the author Bonaventura Licheri, a Jesuit-poet from Neoneli (1667-1733) who wrote ‚SU SETTENARIU PRO CHIDA SANTA‘.
These songs, which have now become an integral and fundamental part of the rites of Holy Week in many of our communities, we propose them with the arrangement of our Maestra ANGELA FARINA. In addition to these songs, our repertoire includes sacred and secular unpublished songs written and directed by the director herself, as well as songs from the bosana folk tradition, handed down orally, to us.
The CUNCORDIA CHOIR has already been a guest at various cultural events and religious rituals and is the promoter of a cultural initiative entitled ‚Sa giae de su coro‘ dedicated to the theme of love, held in Bosa last September and which will be repeated in its second edition.


Self-taught. She inherited the gift of music from her father, who noticed her predisposition for singing even as a child and encouraged her to take music courses for reading the stave, thanks to which she also reached the first and second level of an instrument: the piano.
At the age of 15, the priest of her parish entrusted her with the direction of the parish youth choir. At the age of 20, the women’s choir.
In 2006, she took part as a soloist in the programme ‚Sardegna Canta‘ and later the regional Tg3 dedicated specials to her where she presented her artistic-cultural project on the songs of MARIA CARTA accompanied by Pasqualino Farina (on guitar) Eugenio Lugliè (transverse flute and bena).
On 15 July 2012, she was invited to Siligo for the tenth edition of the ‚PREMIO MARIA CARTA‘.
Currently, she conducts two parish choirs, a women’s folk choir, sings in a cuncordu formation of mixed voices, is part of a group that produces liturgical music and, of course, carries out the project on Maria Carta.

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