Festival Internazionale Corale al Sole della Sardegna

Edition 2023 (VIII edition)

The “Al Sole Della Sardegna International Choral Festival”, now in its 8th edition, is universally recognised as one of the main choral events in Sardinia, thanks to the participation of numerous prestigious choral groups from all over the world, including a large number of regional choirs.
The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 8 editions
  • Over 170 choirs
  • More than 130 concerts

After the forced interruption caused by the Pandemic, the Festival has taken off again and this year will welcome eight interesting choirs from Scotland, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, Australia and Spain. Joining the foreign guests will be a number of Sardinian choirs, who will be entrusted with the task of welcoming their friends by opening each concert.
Russian choral friends were also to join us but, unfortunately, the war prevented them from travelling.

To all these distant friends we express our deepest solidarity and hope that the reasons for peace will soon prevail over the brutality of war.

Festival dates

  • First session: Mon 28, Tue 29, Wed 30, Thu 31 August
  • Second session: Sat 2, Sun 3, Mon 4, Tue 5 September

Number of participating choirs: 14

Complete list

Bandiera Australia Australia

The Pop Up Choir

Pop up Choir

Conductor Rachel Hore

The Pop-Up Choir from Australia loves to change the nature of public space through sound and song…



They can be found singing in tunnels, churches, parks, foyers, museums, schools and markets around their city of Canberra.

They have performed sold out concerts at the High Court of Australia, at Parliament House, the Australian National University, and most recently at the National Portrait Gallery (while audience members were given an easel, paper, and charcoal to draw while listening).

The Pop Up Choir is open to everyone who would like to join. Usually a large choir of over 130 singers, 50 singers are representing the choir on their first tour to Sardinia!

Under the inspired musical direction of Rachel Hore, OAM, the Pop Up Choir will present a collection of songs from Australia, the Torres Strait Islands and Oceania that speak of our connection to land, our spirituality, and to our sense of place and home.

Bandiera Canada Canada

Calgary Zhi-Yin Choir

Coro Calgary Zhi Yin

Conductor Shana Yang

The Calgary Zhi-Yin Choir, founded in 2004 by Shana Yang in Calgary, Canada, is a vibrant community choir that embraces the power of music to foster friendship and personal growth.


The name "Zhi-Yin" signifies the bond of musical companionship, inspiring us to deepen our understanding of music while forging lasting connections.

As one of the musical ensembles affiliated with the Conservatory of Mount Royal University in Calgary, the Zhi-Yin Choir takes center stage each December at its illustrious concert hall. Our annual concerts serve as a delightful showcase of our musical talents, captivating audiences with our harmonious performances. Additionally, we actively engage with diverse local communities, participating in various musical activities that enrich and enliven our shared cultural experiences.

Beyond our city's borders, the Zhi-Yin Choir has embarked on remarkable musical journeys. From Edmonton and Vancouver to New York and Taipei, we have had the privilege of participating in various concerts, leaving behind good impressions with our performances.

Bandiera Scozia Scotland

Helensburgh Oratorio

Helensburgh Oratorio

Conductor Susannah Wapshott

Helensburgh is a small town northwest of Glasgow in Scotland.


Helensburgh Oratorio Choir has entertained audiences for 60 years since its first inaugural concert in October 1963. This choir performs large-scale works with professional soloists and orchestra and enjoys an active calendar of social/fundraising events.

It has provided many opportunities for young soloists, many of whom have enjoyed international success. The choir has also presented concerts outside Helensburgh and has broadcast on radio and television. During its history the choir has sung music by a wide range of composers, much of it for the first time in Helensburgh. Premieres have included works by Rick Potter, Iain Galbraith, Derek Clark and Aileen Sweeney. The choir's performances have received critical acclaim.

The choir is an Alumnus of Distinguished Concerts Singers International, and some of our members have taken part in New York performances of Howard Goodall's Eternal Light (2016) and Will Todd's Mass in Blue (2019). In September 2019 Making Music's Adopt a Composer scheme paired the choir with Aileen Sweeney for a new composition. 'Breathing Place' was written for the choir and, after a long break due to the pandemic, we were able to perform it as part of Helensburgh Parish Church's Sunday @ Seven series in November 2021. This was recorded and broadcast on the BBC Radio 3 in January 2022.

Despite the ongoing need to raise funds to support its traditional activities (orchestral concerts are subsidized by the choir's fundraising activities), the choir has raised large sums of money for other charities: McMillan Cancer Support; Alzheimers Scotland, CHAS, Mercy Ships, Enable and NYCOS.

We are delighted to have some of our members here to sing in this wonderful choral celebration.

Sangstream Scots Folk Choir

Sangstream Scots Folk Choir

Musical Director: Corrina Hewat

Sangstream Scots Folk Choir, based in Edinburgh, was founded in 1997.


The choir is open to everyone and there is no audition to join. Our repertoire is mainly Scots folk songs, both traditional and modern, sung in harmony, unaccompanied. We currently have about 60 members.

We are fortunate to have the wonderful Scots singer Corrina Hewat; singer, harpist and composer as our Musical Director. She is widely recognised as one of Scotland’s most unique and innovative musicians. Since our founding in 1997 we have had the privilege of being led by some of Scotland’s finest traditional musicians – Christine Kydd, Jenny Clark, Mairi Campbell and Robyn Stapleton.

Sangstream aims to be:

  • welcoming, and open to everyone who has an interest in harmony group singing to take part and to develop their skills with the help of an experienced song leader.
  • a choir which provides the opportunity for people to learn about and to share Scots songs and traditions.
  • a group which can carry these songs out into the wider community.

Bandiera Italia Italy

Coro Polifonico Maschile Sulcitano – Carbonia

Coro Polifonico Maschile Sulcitano

Conductor Antonino Collu

The Coro Polifonico Maschile Sulcitano was born at the will of some fans of the choral music of the Sardinian kind and is composed, as by the name, by men only.


There are four fundamental voices: the first tenor, the second, the baritone and the bass, and have about 20 elements.
The Group is formed and begins its activity in November 2016, therefore of recent constitution, and rehearse once a week as all members are already part of other mixed coral formation in the territory and is the only male formation in the Sulcis .
The conductor, Antonino Collu, begins his musical studies with the late Don Pietro Allori, continuing the training course strictly in schools and with private masters. It does not boast academic titles, only so much passion, a strong burden of humility and a lot of tenacity, which, combined together, allow the Group to achieve satisfactory results.

Coro polifonico Femminile di Portoscuso

Foto Coro polifonico Femminile Portoscuso

Conductor Nadia Fois

The polyphonic choir of Portoscuso was born in 1993 thanks to the will and passion of a group of lovers of singing and polyphony.


At first it was founded as a mixed formation but after a few years it became a female formation. It currently consists of 18 singers and is directed by Fois Nadia. The choir has to its credit several concerts on the island of Sardinia as well as in Italy and abroad. In fact, it participates in several important choral festivals and reviews (Music and Friends in Prague Vienna, Festival Pusteria, Festival al Sole della Sardegna) as well as in partnership with Italian and foreign choirs (Krakow, Nice, Lucca, Versilia). Its repertoire is ranging from medieval music, to sacred and secular music of the Renaissance and also Gospel and Spiritual songs, contemporary music pieces, chorales taken from operas and finally pieces taken from the popular music of its beloved Sardinia.

Coro Polifonico Maria Munserrara – Tratalias

Coro Polifonico Maria Munserrara -Tratalias

Conductor Iside Fonnesu

The Folk Choir Maria Munserrara was founded in 1980 in Tratalias, a small town in the Sulcis, and has approached the singing Sardinian driven by passion and supported by an interest in the values of the Sardinian culture, present in traditional folk songs.


Undoubtedly it has a long existence, among the most durable of the traditional groups of Sardinia, thirty-five.
From the date of founding to the present he has never stopped its research activities, elaboration and proposition of vocal expressions that are part of the musical tradition in different linguistic island: campidanese, Nuoro, logudorese and obviously Sulcis.
The Choir has taken particular passion, achieving good results, the sacred songs that accompany the celebration of Mass. Service also often play at weddings and not religious.
Almost his entire repertoire, about fifty songs, runs in polyphonic form, accompanied by the talented musicians of accordion, flute and guitar.
Over the years he has had the pleasure and the honor of performing in most of the municipalities of Sardinia, and has been featured in countless music festivals in the theaters, in the streets and on television island.
The choir has had the pleasure and good fortune to go beyond the boundaries of the island and represent singing traditional Sardinian beyond national borders. Like to mention the presence in Verona, Trieste, Padova, Brescia, Udine, Fumane, Borgomanero; abroad remember Grenoble, Forks Villers, Lyon, Bourg en Bresse!

Coro Polifonico San Giovanni Battista – Domusnovas

Coro Polifonico San Giovanni Battista - Domusnovas

Conductor Vittorio Orrù

The polyphonic choir activity dates back to 1996 and soon becomes an important reality that people know and appreciate thanks to many gatherings of choral music organized in the iglesiente and throughout the territory of the island that actively involve the chorus in musical performances.


The repertory, at first purely religious, gradually acquires Sardinian folk tradition songs and Gospel spiritual songs, including famous classical melodies and reworking successful pieces of light music.
In 2000, the choir has become “San Giovanni Battista musical and instrumental association” on the one hand, the association keeps on privileging sacred music, but on the other hand pays attention to other kind of music, taking part in concerts that involve choirs all over the island, with the aim to promote musical knowledge and to encourage practicing musical instruments.
Thanks to the continuous efforts and dedication of Sergio Talana, who directed the choir until 2012, in collaboration with the poet Francesco Carlini, the association wanted to exalt the campidanese folk song by adding new pieces of music based on this kind of folk music as well.
From 2013 the choir is directed by Vittorio Orrù who along the same line as Talana works to reinforce the old repertory and to bring some interesting changes.

Coro Polifonico Agorà – Carbonia

Coro Polifonico Agorà - Carbonia

Conductor Roberta Congiu

The Agorà polyphonic choir takes its first steps in 2015.


The passion for choral singing unites a first group of people from different parts of the Sulcis who participate in the first exciting experiences: many concerts in various parts of Sardinia including the Verona International Festival Garda summer under the Sardinian sun, the Festival A manu Tenta of Nuoro, and the International Choral Contest Vincenzo Amato of Altavilla Milicia, Palermo, winning third place on this occasion. For four years now, the choir has been organizing the review called Incanto di Settembre: an important meeting point for Sardinian choirs. Directed by the teacher Roberta Congiu, it currently has about 30 choristers and performs songs from a varied repertoire with particular attention to Sardinian music. Singing songs in our language allows us to tell stories of men and women of our land and to express, preserve and spread our culture in the most genuine way.

Associazione Corale Donne In Musica – Villacidro

Associazione Corale Donne In Musica - Villacidro

Conductor Massimo Atzori

The choir “Women in Music” was officially born the 3rd March 2014 . It ‘a three voices chorus; it’s composed by 25 elements and it’s conducted by Maestro Massimo Atzori.


The choir range from pop music to sacred songs, in Sardinian language, English and French. The choir, before its official founding, has had an experience brought forward by Circolo Didattico "G. Dessi " in Villacidro, where the Master Atzori took care of a project of a" Children's Choir" in the pre-primary school, where even parents and teachers were involved.
The first performance took place in 2012 in the "Christmas Sage" with the children of the Circolo Didattico. The public debut of the choir "Women in Music" took place in Villamar on the 24 June 2014 for the St. John feast, linked to the performances of the "Totus Impari – All Together” with the participation of Maria Giovanna Cherchi. Later, the choir participated in all the events of the "Totus Impari", a festival of choirs that ended in June of 2015 in Villacidro for the St. Anthony feast.

Bandiera Norvegia Norway

Cordis Vocalis

Cordis Vocalis

Conductor Espen Erdal

Cordis vocalis is a choir from the Oslo University Hospital consisting of 30 women divided into 4 voices.



The repertoire is varied and sometimes advanced. It ranges from traditional Sacred music to Jazz and Folk music.

Espen Erdal has been the choir's conductor since 1995. He is a creative leader with clear ambitions for the choir. Espen has his education from Bergen Teachers College, Norwegian Eastern Music Conservatory and the Norwegian Academy of Music. He is a trained singer, song teacher and music therapist. Espen has extensive and long experience with choir music, both as a singer and conductor. As a conductor, he has had concerts in many major cities in Europe and the USA.

Cordis Vocalis has several public performances every year. From “pop-up” concerts, charity concerts to their annual series of Christmas concerts in several churches in and around Oslo, with a repertoire consisting of songs in Norwegian, Swedish, English and French. They also have an annual Christmas concert with the Oslo Craftsmen's Men's Choir.

The choir has performed and participated in choir seminars both in Norway and abroad.

Innstranden Sangforening

Innstranden Sangforening

Conductor Ola-Kåre Mikkelsen

Innstranden Sangforening is a mixed choir from Bodø/Norway, situated north of the Arctic Circle.



Our town has been chosen as European Capital of Culture in 2024, wich we are very proud of. Innstranden Sangforening has approximately 40 active singers today.
The choir was established in 1887. A local teacher and song-loving neighbours came togheter, and still, 136 years later, the choir is very activ, having survived world-wars and pandemic. Our repertoire varies from churcmusic to jazz, from musicals to folksong.
Every year we arrange 3-4 concerts in Bodø. We also like to travel and find inspiration by participating at festivals and conventions. In 2008 we visited Sicilia, making severals concerts, one of them in The Greek Theater in Taormina.
Innstranden Sangforening has received Bodø's Award of Culture. We also have achieved good results at local and national competitions. Most singers have been members for many years, and after 40 years one becomes Member of Honour, of wich we have 6 active and 2 passive. During 136 years we only have had 7 conductors.
The leader of the choir is Anna Karin Hansen Steiro and the conductor is Ola-Kåre Mikkelsen. He has been our conductor for appr. 19 yers. Innstranden Sangforening's motto is: Sing - Smile - Unity (Sang - Smil - Samhold). We are looking forward to visit Cagliari and Sardinia.

Bandiera Spagna Spain

Coral Stma. Trinidad de Valencia

Coral ST.ma Trinidad de Valencia

Conductor Carmina Moreno Llabata

The Coral Stma. Trinidad de Valencia was founded in 1977 by its current director, Carmina Moreno Llabata. It is formed by children and young people from 5 to 20 years old, distributed in four groups.


Its activities are aimed at developing sensitivity, intelligence, memory and attention, while contributing to achieving the feeling of common work and mutual help, the sincerity of supporting each other to achieve perfect harmony. They are also integrated in a pleasant and playful way into the world of art and culture through music, interpreting both the great polyphonists and popular music, traditional or avant-garde works. The choir has participated in the Singing Weeks organized by Europa Cantat at Veszprem (Hungary), Bruges (Belgium), Kaposvár (Hungary), Namur (Belgium), Mainz (Germany), Torino (Italy), Pécs (Hungary), Tallinn (Estonia), Vaison la Romaine (France); under the direction of Roy Wales, Johan van Bouwelen, Anne Marie Cabut, Mathew Row, Roda Scott, Elisenda Carrasco, Benoit Giaux, Marleen Annemans, Richard Filz, Merel Martens, Panda van Proosdij and Bassey Ebong respectively. The choir has given concerts in numerous Valencian towns, as well as in Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona and in various European countries such as Belgium, France, Hungary, Wales, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Estonia, Czech Republic and Russia. Gets the FIRST YOUTH PRIZE in the XL, XLI and XLVIII CHORAL CONTEST OF EJEA DE LOS CABALLEROS, held in April 2010, 2011, 2018, as well as the audience award in 2010. The choir also won in 2010 the audience award and the SECOND PRIZE in the Choral Contest of Cocentaina. Attends the "1st WORLD CHOIR CHAMPIONSHIPS", held in Graz, Austria in July 2011, obtaining two silver medals and a silver diploma in different categories.

Bandiera Svizzera Switzerland

Choeur Lè Riondênè de Broc

Choeur Lè Riondênè de Broc

Conductor Jean-Daniel Scyboz

When it was founded in 1937, Lè Riondênè was a ladies’ choir with a folklore vocation.


From 1943 onwards, the songs were accompanied by dances and Lè Riondênè took part in numerous events where they enthusiastically assumed their role as guardians of Gruyère traditions. After its 20th anniversary, the choir is definitively constituted as a mixed choir. The dances were gradually abandoned.
Since then, the choir has continued to evolve and develop, and currently has about forty singers. The musical direction is assured by Jean-Daniel Scyboz since 2002. The president of the society is Véronique Aeby since 2006.
Our choir is based in Broc, a village in Gruyère, in the canton of Fribourg. The village is home to the Cailler chocolate factory. The medieval town of Gruyères is located nearby.
Traditional folk music, with an emphasis on the regional music of Switzerland and more particularly of Gruyère. We always perform in Gruyere folk costumes and sing many songs in Gruyere dialect. However, our repertoire is varied and we like to try out other styles.
The choir has participated in several national and international festivals in recent years. Here are some of our latest projects:
- Cantate Budapest in 2016
- Creation of a CD of songs in patois (our dialect) for our 80th anniversary in 2017
- Trip to Chabeuil, France, concert with the Graind'phonie choir, in 2018
- Participation in a competition to create choral video clips (2nd prize) in 2019
- Salzburg Advent Festival in 2019
- Swiss Song Festival in Gossau in 2022

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