Festival Internazionale Corale Al Sole della Sardegna

The Festival


FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE CORALE “AL SOLE DELLA SARDEGNA”  is divided into three sessions and is held in late summer or early autumn.

Each sessions begins on Wednesday and ends on Sunday. Foreign choir groups constitute the most of the participants. Every choir will choose the session they wish to attend to when signing in.

Many Sardinian choirs are taking part into the Festival as well.

The participating choirs will exhibit in 4 concerts, every night and in different locations.

2 to 4 choirs will sing in each concert.

The concerts will be in churches, museums, mines and caverns but also in squares, theaters and any location fit to host choral concerts.

Each choir will have 15-20 minutes to sing a program of their choice, mixed a cappella, depending on the number of groups present (the program must be religious/sacred when singing in churches). It is permitted the use of instruments of your own to accompany the singing.

All the choirs will sing Bepi de Marzi’s “Signore delle cime” together. The sheet of this simple song will be delivered to all participating choirs in time.



Extending your stay before and/or after the festival

Many choirs ask to extend their stay in Sardinia every year to better enjoy the natural, historical and artistic beauties of the region.

By according every movement with Agenzia Manca  of  Gonnesa (MANCA AUTOSERVIZI, DI MANCA ROBERTO & C. SAS ) it is possible to:


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