Festival Internazionale Corale Al Sole della Sardegna

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It is with regret that we are forced to communicate to the registered choirs and to all the choral singer following us, that the festival, due to the epidemic, is postponed to 2021. We hoped until the end that the "miracle" could happen but unfortunately, even in the absence of an official position taken by the Italian Authorities regarding choral concerts, we must recognize that it has become objectively impossible to keep up our concerts. Here the already fixed calendar for the edition 2021: First session: 1-4 September 2021 Second session: 8-12 September 2021 Confident that this difficult moment will soon end and that we can soon return to normal conditions that also allow the resumption of our choral activity, we send you all the best and hope to see you at 2021 edition! Giacomo Rinaldi
Singing in the magic!
This is how the 6th edition of Festival Internazionale Al Sole della Sardegna could be defined! Thanks to the excellent artistic level of both foreign and local choirs, each concert has had something magical, fascinating and mysterious that made them truly unique! This is not only thanks to the participating choirs but also due to the gorgeous locations that have framed the concerts (Cave of S. Giovanni in Domusnovas, Temple of Antas in Fluminimaggiore, ancient Cathedral of Tratalias, Ex Centrale di Buggerru, Church of Carloforte, Church of Calasetta…). Not to mention the superb nature, the beautiful sea, the cities, the mines…! Last but not least, the hospitality of Sardinian people: every concert ended with a party to make the choirs feel welcome and at home. The choirs had the chance to enjoy the richness and variety of Sardinian culinary tradition fruit of the meeting of land and sea. Thank you, Sardinia!
summer 2019
Summer 2019 is preparing to experience the sixth edition of FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE AL SOLE DELLA SARDEGNA, an event that is by now renowned among the main cultural celebrations of Sardinia. This is especially merit of the cities and towns that can be considered literal milestones for the development of the festival: Domusnovas, first enthusiastic promoter, with its superb Cavern of San Giovanni, acoustically a natural cathedral, Tratalias and its majestic old cathedral, Carloforte with its islanders’ hospitality, Fluminimaggiore and its mystical Temple of Antas, blue and white Calasetta, a typical sailormen town, Henry Gallery in Buggerru and its cliffs, and still Teulada, S.Anna Arresi, Giba, Iglesias, Carbonia etc The hospitality of the Sardinian people is never praised enough, the administrators are always sensible and ready to cooperate and it is to each of them that I express my most sincere gratitude for welcoming my choral proposition so enthusiastically
Great success for the Festival Internazionale Corale al Sole della Sardegna (edition 2016)
Festival Internazionale al Sole della Sardegna has just concluded successfully with great satisfaction of all the 38 participating choirs. The choirs performed 15 concerts in as many townships of Sulcis (South Sardinia), getting to know the famous hospitality of the Sardinian people: the choirs felt welcomed by the warm embrace of the cities where the concerts have been held; such welcoming has been shown by the accurate setting of each concert, by their appropriate advertising and, at the end of the concert, by the always generous organisation of a moment of conviviality which allowed the invited choirs to savour tastes and smells of the gorgeous Sardinia once again. The foreign choirs appreciated in particular the rich and absolutely original repertory presented by the local choirs, discovering the peculiarities of expression, techniques (unknown in other areas) and instruments (such as launeddas and diatonic accordions). During their stay the choirs had the opportunity to visit the magnificent territory of Sulcis, full of history, cities of art, awe-inspiring nature and mines. Thanks and congratulations to all participating choirs! The success of the Festival is due of their brilliance and confirm our enthusiasm and desire to continue..… hoping that the bonds of friendship created during the concerts will bring future choral collaborations and exchanges.
February 13th 2016
SARDINIA: INTERNATIONAL CHORAL MUSIC FLIES!!! Born almost by chance only three years ago, the choral festival “FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE CORALE AL SOLE DELLA SARDEGNA” is now greater than ever. 12 choral groups from all over the world have already confirmed their attendance and, together with over 20 sardinian groups, are joining the THIRD EDITION OF THE FESTIVAL, lasting from August 24th to 28th 2016. The great choral event is divided in 16 concerts which will take place in the south-west of the beautiful island of Sardinia. The Festival will start and end with 4 larger concerts performed by 6 choirs. Two concerts will take place in San Giovanni’s cave, the second longest nonartificial tunnel in the world and one of Sardinia’s natural wonders , near Domusnovas, the other ones will take place in Carbonia and Iglesias. The whole and definitive concert schedule is going to be published in a short time. We are waiting for all of you to come join and sing with us!
September 2015
Great success for the 2nd edition of the international choir festival "Al Sole della Sardegna" Sunday, August 30, ended the second edition of the festival, three foreign choirs and 14 Sardinian choirs performed in 7 concerts in different places of the Sulcis. The event was greatly appreciated, both by all choirs and the audience that was very numerous at all concerts. The concerts took place in churches of Iglesias, Carbonia, Calasetta, Tratalias and S'Antioco, but also in the impressive former fish market hall of Portoscuso and in the beautiful cave of S. Giovanni in Domusnovas, in which it has been organized for the first time a concert in the cave. The course is already clear: for the next year, some foreign choirs have already registered, and certainly there will be again a numerous participation in Sardinian choirs, who brought with their repertoire a fresh and sympathetic touch and appreciated choral values at every concert. Next meeting therefore at the next edition in 2016! Giuliano Rinaldi
August 2015
The cities of Iglesias, Carbonia, Calasetta, Portoscuso, Domusnovas, Sant’Antioco and Tratalias are pleased about the choir meeting between the choirs Agrupacion Coral de Carcaixent(E) , Chorale du Collège Notre-Dame de Jamhour (Libano), Framagomi (BE) and the 15 Sardinian choirs who will take part at the 2nd FESTIVAL CORALE INTERNAZIONALE 2015 “INCONTRI CORALI NEL SOLE DELLA SARDEGNA”(ITALY) General coordination has the community of DOMUSNOVAS (www.comune.domusnovas.ci.it ), the councilor of cultural affairs Mr. MARCO CUCCU.