Festival Internazionale Corale Al Sole della Sardegna


February 13th 2016

SARDINIA: INTERNATIONAL CHORAL MUSIC FLIES!!! Born almost by chance only three years ago, the choral festival “FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE CORALE AL SOLE DELLA SARDEGNA” is now greater than ever. 12 choral groups from all over the world have already confirmed their attendance and, together with over 20 sardinian groups, are joining the THIRD EDITION OF THE FESTIVAL, lasting from August 24th to 28th 2016. The great choral event is divided in 16 concerts which will take place in the south-west of the beautiful island of Sardinia. The Festival will start and end with 4 larger concerts performed by 6 choirs. Two concerts will take place in San Giovanni’s cave, the second longest nonartificial tunnel in the world and one of Sardinia’s natural wonders , near Domusnovas, the other ones will take place in Carbonia and Iglesias. The whole and definitive concert schedule is going to be published in a short time. We are waiting for all of you to come join and sing with us!

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