Festival Internazionale Corale Al Sole della Sardegna


summer 2019

Summer 2019 is preparing to experience the sixth edition of FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE AL SOLE DELLA SARDEGNA, an event that is by now renowned among the main cultural celebrations of Sardinia. This is especially merit of the cities and towns that can be considered literal milestones for the development of the festival: Domusnovas, first enthusiastic promoter, with its superb Cavern of San Giovanni, acoustically a natural cathedral, Tratalias and its majestic old cathedral, Carloforte with its islanders’ hospitality, Fluminimaggiore and its mystical Temple of Antas, blue and white Calasetta, a typical sailormen town, Henry Gallery in Buggerru and its cliffs, and still Teulada, S.Anna Arresi, Giba, Iglesias, Carbonia etc The hospitality of the Sardinian people is never praised enough, the administrators are always sensible and ready to cooperate and it is to each of them that I express my most sincere gratitude for welcoming my choral proposition so enthusiastically

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