La Sarabande – Switzerland (CH) – Conductor Sara Sierro


Once upon a time, in the canton of Valais in Switzerland, in the heart of the sunbathed mountains, there were a bunch of friends who got together to sing in a vocal octet at a festival. That was back in 2006 and ever since, they have not stopped singing, first at weddings, then at small concerts, and finally, performing several times!Under the dynamic and charismatic direction of their leader, Sara, the choir has grown and the rhythms have become more varied.
Although faces of the 21 members aged from 25 to 60 years old have sometimes changed, the spirit itself has remained constant : one of friendship, a common passion for singing, and a craving for a song-spangled life!Whether it is a cappella or with a few instruments, gospel, popular songs or Rock’n’roll, la Sarabande performs in several languages!
It is therefore with great pleasure that la Sarabande is delighted to take part in the International Choral Festival in Verona, to share its passion across borders, in friendship!

Coro Polifonico “San Giovanni Battista”, Domusnovas (ITA) – Conductor Vittorio Orrù


The polyphonic choir activity dates back to 1996 and soon becomes an important reality that people know and appreciate thanks to many gatherings of choral music organized in the iglesiente and throughout the territory of the island that actively involve the chorus in musical performances.
The repertory, at first purely religious, gradually acquires Sardinian folk tradition songs and Gospel spiritual songs, including famous classical melodies and reworking successful pieces of light music.
In 2000, the choir has become “San Giovanni Battista musical and instrumental association” on the one hand, the association keeps on privileging sacred music, but on the other hand pays attention to other kind of music, taking part in concerts that involve choirs all over the island, with the aim to promote musical knowledge and to encourage practicing musical instruments.
Thanks to the continuous efforts and dedication of Sergio Talana, who directed the choir until 2012, in collaboration with the poet Francesco Carlini, the association wanted to exalt the campidanese folk song by adding new pieces of music based on this kind of folk music as well.
From 2013 the choir is directed by Vittorio Orrù who along the same line as Talana works to reinforce the old repertory and to bring some interesting changes.

Coro di Carloforte (ITA) – Conductor Cesare Alimonda


The first official performance of the chorus was during the celebration of the 150 anniversary of Italian unity supporting the music band in performing classic songs in the ceremonies dated 16th  and 17th march.
The enthusiasm that came out increase the desire both the group of singers and the music band to continue the collaboration and having good results the presence of the chorus became an opportunity to make more pleasant the exhibitions during music concerts and events.
Since then the presence of the chorus has been constant in the various events and more of then have been scheduled just in function of the chorus.
Every year the chorus takes part in the following performances:
-year-end concert at the theatre Mutua;
-Saint Cecilia’s concert in San Carlo’s church;
-evening tabarchina in the square of the village in summer.
Performing classic pieces, hit modern songs and tabarchina’s traditional songs.
Other important events were performing operetta as :
– the country of the bells at the theatre Cavallera dated 11th and 16th June 2011;
– the concert “Notes under the stars” august 12th;
– the opening concert “ Festival creuza de ma “September 8th of the same year.

Coro di Iglesias – (Sardinia – ITA) – Conductor Paolo Autelitano

Coro di Iglesias

The Coro di Iglesias (Iglesias Choir) was formed in 2007, under Mariano Garau’s conduction, who autored and composed most of the repertoire which aims to promote sardinian language and heritage through traditional and religious songs.
The Choir, represented by amateur male singers, is now conducted by Paolo Autelitano who also manages art direction.
The Choir published two albums “Boxis e Boghes in armonia” e “S’Eredidadi”, sang in sardinian language and performed live in many national and international shows.

Coro Maschile Mediana (ITA) – Conductor Federico Di Chiara

Coro Maschile Mediana

The “Mediana” Choir is an association that was born in 1989 from the passion for choral singing, its repertoire ranges from the sacred polyphonic song to the traditional melodies of Sardinia adapted to choral 4 voices.
Several pieces from Alpine and international choirs are part of the repertoire.
Since 2013 he has been directed by Maestro Federico Di Chiara who, with passion and skill, has managed to obtain excellent results such as the victory at the “Biennale Città di Ozieri Award”, a competition for traditional choirs, with the song “Maju Bellu Soberanu”.
The “Mediana” Choir performs wearing the traditional clothes of Meana Sardo, also known as the door of Barbagia, a hill town located at the foot of the Gennargentu promontory, in Barbagia di Belvì, clothing consists of several pieces that were used during the seasons alternate and was essentially composed of orbace and linen.

deCHORALE (Belgium) – Conductor Paul Dinneweth


The Royal Chorale Caecilia (nowadays ‘deCHORALE’) was founded in Antwerp in 1916 by the Flemish composer-conductor Lodewijk De Vocht. A series of exceptional performances resulted in an excellent reputation both nationally and even internationally. Its repertoire consisted mainly of the big classic oeuvre as well as of modern compositions of amongst others Stravinsky, Honegger, Milhaud, Kodaly and Schmitt. At the age of 80, after having conducted the choir for over 50 years, the founder/conductor decided to dissolve the choir. However, a considerable part of the choir wanted to continue the tradition and established the ‘Nieuw Ceciliakoor Antwerpen’ (New Cecilia Choir Antwerp), with Frits Celis as its competent choir master.

In 1971 Frits Celis passed the conductor seat on to his colleague Frans Dubois. The ‘Nieuw Ceciliakoor’ continued to grow in quality with amongst others annual performances of Bach’s Saint John’s Passion. After 10 intensive years the choir reverted to its original name ‘Chorale Caecilia’, and in 1988 to ‘Koninklijke Chorale Caecilia’.
In 2002 Paul Dinneweth took over the choir baton. From the very outset he opted decisively for a dynamic and innovative approach whilst respecting the historic fundament of this legendary oratorio choir. Through his inspiring artistic leadership he succeeds in lifting deCHORALE to an outstanding musical level. Which is being translated into a wide and challenging reportoire.
deCHORALE, counting more than 120 singers, is a rather unique choir in the Flemisch choir landscape. An ongoing choir training, vocal screening and vocal formation for all choir members are key to support the choir quality. Kristien Vercammen, vocal coach, and Peter Maus, tutor-coach, guarantee the continuous improvement of the choir quality.

Finlandia Order of Runeberg ​(Finland) – Conductor Frej Högdahl

Finlandia Order of Runeberg - Finlandia

The choir Finlandia Order of Runeberg was established in 1977. It is a mixed choir with singers from Osthrobothnia region. The average age of the choir is quite high. The choir was established mainly to keep contact with emigrants around the world. For this reason most contacts are to USA and to International Order of Runeberg.
Finland is a bilingual country with a Swedish and Finnish speaking population. For this reason the choir has visited Swedish speaking communities in the Finnish speaking parts of Finland. During many years we have participated in the Nordic-Baltic choir festival that is organized every three years in one of the participating countries. Last time it was held in Riga, Lithuania.
The repertoire consists of popular and sacral music, in many different languages.

Choral Polyphonic Association “G.B.Manzella” (Sassari – ITA) – Conductor Giuseppina Uzzanu

Corale G.B. Manzella - Sassari

The Association arises in the framework of “Movimento Vincenziano”, in the 1988. It has the primary target of transmitting the musical culture to those that need help and comfort and consequently it often goes where these needs are present, like nursing house, house of repose, reception centers and so on. All this can be possible thanks to a group of people joined together by an only passion, as ancient and difficult as singing is.
The music mistress is Ms Giuseppina Uzzanu, the president is Sir Antonio del Gaudio.
The Association is voluntary, no profit and it is included in the regional list of voluntary service with the number 1648.
Since its institution, the Association has participated in reviews organized by itself or by other associations, such as international review of coral singing in Gorizia in the 2004 and the competition of polyphonic singing in sardinian language, that took place in Orgosolo in the 2014. Here the harmonization of song “Ispera”, presented by Association G.B. Manzella, obtained the first place. The association has also participated in some concerts of classic, holy and popular music, particularly on Christmas time.

La Rosalie  (Switzerland) – Conductor: Catherine Settimo

Chorale La Rosalie - Switzrland

‘La Rosalie’ is a mixed choir which was founded by Jean-François Gerdil in 1998 and directed by him for the next 14 years.
Marie-Pierre Duceau-Clertant then directed the choir for one year until in 2012 she was succeeded by Alexandre Diakoff, assisted by Catherine Settimo in the dual roles of pianist and repetiteur.
Since 2018 the choir has been led by Catherine, assisted by Marion Fontana.
‘La Rosalie’ has a diverse repertoire. The members of the choir enjoy singing popular songs from all over the world in different languages, as well as sacred music from the Western and Orthodox Eastern traditions. Recent performances by the choir have taken place in Switzerland in Geneva and Lausanne, as well as abroad, notably in the framework of the Sant’Antioco choral festival in Sardinia, and in the French town of Nyons.

Le 5 Cop’s, (Switzerland) – Conductor: Jean-Marc Revaz


The 5 Cops have had the privilege to travel and sing from shore to shore (from one bank to the other) for nearly twenty years.
From the shores of the St. Lawrence River those of the Volga, detouring by the banks of the Tarn and Aveyron, the 5 Cops have developed friendships which have led to hosting, on the banks of the Rhone and Dranse, prestigious ensembles such as the Saint-Petersburg Vivat Quartet, the Ardalh de Pau, the Moscow Prokoff Choir and many other groups participating to the Gospel Air Festival.
ot just physically but also in the realms of music, the 5 Cop’s travel from one bank to the other!
From the banks of the Neva to the banks of the Mississippi River, the five friends slide easily from Orthodox Liturgy to Gospel, often flirting along with great classical composers or authors of popular songs.
The 5 Cop’s sing for their pleasure and the one of their listeners. As long as that pleasure is shared, they will continue to go from one bank to another, singing along the way.

Female choir “Liepos” (Lithuania) – Conductor: Audronė Steponavičiūtė Zupkauskienė

Female choir “Liepos” Lithuania

In 1989 the former singers of girls’ choir “Liepaitės” gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their choir and could not part. Thus, the same year the female choir “Liepos” was established. In 2006 it was recognized the best female choir in Lithuania and awarded “The Golden Bird” in nomination “The Brightest Lithuanian Star”. At present Female choir “Liepos” of Vilnius Culture Centre is the productively working group – giving many concerts home and abroad, performing peculiar concert programs, which present the choral music of different styles and epochs as well as the newest choral works of Lithuanian and foreign composers.
„Liepos“ is a successful award winner of international choir competitions and festivals: Silver and Bronze Medals along with Diploma for the Best Female Choir at Seghizzi (Gorizia, Italy, 2015); Grand Prix at “Antonio Vivaldi“ Choir Competition (Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 2016); 2 Gold and 1 Silver medals at “Coros de Verão” Competition (Lisbon, Portugal, 2018); Gold Medal and a Special Prize for Performance of a Folk Song at Feliks Nowowiejski Competition (Barczewo, Poland, 2018).

The Artistic Director and Conductor Audronė Steponavičiūtė Zupkauskienė graduated from Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. While studying she started working in Girls’ Choir Study “Liepaitės”, which has developed into School of Choir Singing, where she is the professor and directs the Junior Choir. She takes an active part in Lithuania’s musical life – runs seminars and gives open lessons to Lithuanian and foreign teachers and has performed in several festivals and contests as conductor, organiser and jurywoman.
Recently Audronė Steponavičiūtė Zupkauskienė was awarded the medal of Order for Merits to Lithuania by the President of Lithuanian Republic.

The ‘Odyssées’ Choir (Claye-Souilly-Seine-et-Marne, France) – Conductor: Marie-Hélène Caspar


Directed by Marie-Hélène Caspar, the choir comprises some 40 choristers.
They have been led by famous conductors: Jean-Walter Audoli (Mozart’s Coronation Mass), Patrick Marie Aubert and Alain Charron (Fauré’s Requiem), Terence Waterhouse (Vivaldi’s Magnificat), Haïk Davtian (Puccini’s Messa di Gloria), Jean-Michel Henry (Etienne Perruchon’s Dogora). They have taken part in several concerts with the ‘Eterna’ and ‘Magnifica’ Brass Quintets.
The choir has toured the world: the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Luxemburg, Tunisia, China, Cyprus and Lebanon. […]
In 2006, the choir performed in the Sacred Chants Festival in Bucharest and in the prestigious Choral Festival ‘The singing World’ in Saint Petersburg (Russia).
In 2009, the choir was invited to participate in a Festival in Jiaxing (China).
In June 2015, it is going to perform in the Verona Garda Estate Festival in Northern Italy.

It is also involved in charity events organized by various organizations: Rétina-France, Lions Club, Rotary Club, etc.
The Choir takes part in the activities of the ‘Musique du Monde’ Festival, founded in Claye-Souilly by Marie-Hélène Caspar.
For this Festival, Jeanne De Lartigue, mezzo soprano and Massimo Martinelli, pianist, performs with the ‘Odyssées’ Choir.

Corale Caterina Cittadini (Cortoghiana – Sardinia, Italy) – Conductor: Mariano Garau

Corale Caterina Cittadini (Cortoghiana), Sardinia, Italy

“CORALE CITTADINI” from Cortoghiana is a female amateur choir. Under Mariano Garau’s direction it has taken part in several cultural events, besides national choir festivals in Sinnai, Quartucciu, Cagliari and Iglesias. It has participated in two editions of the International Festival “AL SOLE DELLA SARDEGNA” carried out at the S. Antioco Martire Cathedral in Tratalias in 2018 and at the Church of Calasetta in 2019. In the month of october 2019 it has taken part in the International Festival “CANTUS ANGELI” on the Amalfi Coast.
MARIANO GARAU is an Italian composer author of numerous works of Religious Music. He has written for the Amnesty International Association and cooperated with the Philadelphia International Opera Theater writing three Cantatas then performed in both Italy and the United States of America. Some of his plays have been published in France, in the U.S.A. and in Switzerland. His compositions are performed by choirs from all over the world

Coro Polifonico Boxis Nodias (Italy) – Conductor Massimo Atzori

Coro Polifonico Boxis Nodias

The polyphonic chorus “Boxis Nodias” of Siliqua was born in 2012, due to its founder members’ singing passion. Since then it performs in several concerts throughout Sardinia, earning an hearty success .The choir’s repertoire is varied and purpose of the chorus is to live actively the spare time in an atmosphere of friendship, spreading the choral practice. The choir Director is Massimo Atzori.

Coro Polifonico Maria Munserrara, Tratalias (Italy) – Conductor Iside Fonnesu

Coro Maria Munserrara, Tratalias (ITA)

The Folk Choir Maria Munserrara was founded in 1980 in Tratalias, a small town in the Sulcis, and has approached the singing Sardinian driven by passion and supported by an interest in the values ​​of the Sardinian culture, present in traditional folk songs.
Undoubtedly it has a long existence, among the most durable of the traditional groups of Sardinia, thirty-five.
From the date of founding to the present he has never stopped its research activities, elaboration and proposition of vocal expressions that are part of the musical tradition in different linguistic island: campidanese, Nuoro, logudorese and obviously Sulcis.
The Choir has taken particular passion, achieving good results, the sacred songs that accompany the celebration of Mass. Service also often play at weddings and not religious.
Almost his entire repertoire, about fifty songs, runs in polyphonic form, accompanied by the talented musicians of accordion, flute and guitar.
Over the years he has had the pleasure and the honor of performing in most of the municipalities of Sardinia, and has been featured in countless music festivals in the theaters, in the streets and on television island.
The choir has had the pleasure and good fortune to go beyond the boundaries of the island and represent singing traditional Sardinian beyond national borders. Like to mention the presence in Verona, Trieste, Padova, Brescia, Udine, Fumane, Borgomanero; abroad remember Grenoble, Forks Villers, Lyon, Bourg en Bresse!

Coro Polifonico Sid Addir Babay (Italy) – Conductor Massimo Atzori


Born in September 2004, and registered and established as a cultural association and musical since October 2009. The name of the choir is not random, it was linked to the cult that took place in the Valley of Antas, site of the Punic Roman Temple that located three kilometers from Fluminimaggiore. This way we wanted to highlight the historical and prehistoric importance of our territory, linking it to the musical culture to make this example of union is a good omen for all, in the hope that cultural differences are in the music a meeting point.
The Polyphonic Choir has participated both in June 2011 than in June 2013, at the International Festival HOCHPUSTERTAL in Trentino Alto Adige representing the whole of Sardinia, in September 2012 took part in the 3rd International festival of Folklore held in Pineda de Mar in Spain, and It is performed in different parts of Sardinia.
Organize important character Regional initiatives. To be highlighted: the Christmas choir festival “to the star”, and on August 07, the exhibition “a star” night with the participation of various choirs, August 27, 2013, organized a large demonstration in Fluminimaggiore called “cantendi tottusu learn “with the participation of seven choirs totaling 168 singers come from all over Sardinia.
In December 2014-2015 he has participated in Cagliari at solidarity concert called “CHRISTMAS IN Businco”.
He has achieved in recent years more than 200 concerts and has a vast repertoire ranging from classic to modern, contemporary, traditional folk not only Sardinian. Counts in its repertoire pieces from Sardinian musical tradition, reworked by artistic director and premiered in various concerts.

Sinfonie nel Vento Choir,  (Seulo, Cagliari – ITA) – Conductor Donatella Sottovia

Sinfonie nel Vento Choir, Seulo (ITA)

The “Sinfonie nel Vento” Choir was born in September 2015 in Seulo. Seulo (Ca), the country’s capital of the same name, Barbagia, has the highest longevity in the world and is part of the Blue Zone brand. The founder and director is Donatella Sottovia. It is a mixed voice chorus composed of 12 elements. The passion for singing makes its repertoire boast traditional Sardinian songs, Italian songs, and songs from all over the world. He debuted in 2015 at a memorial.
In 2016 he participated in “Sagra del vino” at Jerzu and at the Christmas concert at a Jerzu rest-home.
In January 2017 it participated in the event “1000 voci per Amatrice” in Tonara.
In April they are present at the “Calici di Pasqua” at Jerzu and for “S’Orrosa ‘e Padenti” in Seulo.
In May they sing at Carbonia for “Primavera sulcitana”.
June still sees them in Cagliari for the “Fiera del Gusto”.

Coro Cantorum di Palau (ITA) – Conductors Antonello Isoni and Franco Alba


The parish choir of the parish “Nostra Signora delle Grazie”, of Palau, (Sardinia) was born around in 1985. For more than 30 years he has been animating the Sunday mass of 11:00. His composition has changed over the years, and even the average age of the choristers has increased, but the spirit of service of the choir has remained the same. For the last ten years he has also begun to experience polyphonic singing with three or four voices, with the liturgical songs of Frisina, and not only.
The choir is directed by Antonello Isoni for polyphonic songs and by Franco Alba; they direct and coordinate the choir alternating according to their commitments, in order to give continuity to the liturgical animation even in the absence of one of the two.
It currently consists of about 15 elements, choristers men and women, who offer their availability to animate on Sundays, at Christmas mass, Easter, and on solemn holidays, such as Corpus Domini, and at the patronal feast of late May and early September : the solemn mass for the Madonna delle Grazie, which together with San Mauro are the patrons of Palau.

VOCI Amici (Switzerland) – Conductor Anne-Françoise Andenmatten-Sierro

Voci Amici -Switzerland - 2019

Schola Cantorum di Palau”VOCI Amici”: It’s neither Latin nor Italian! It is the name, an evocative combination of voice and friendship, that we lovers of choral singing have given to our group, founded in Sion, Switzerland in 1994 by our director Anne-Françoise Andenmatten-Sierro.
“VOCI Amici” was born from a shared desire to cultivate a lasting friendship through singing, to develop vocal qualities while sharing with the audience the pleasure of discovering works from different periods, origins and styles.
Our group brings together about twenty singers, most of whom are also active in other choirs. We have recorded two CDs, ‘Polorum Regina’ and ‘Chants Croisés’, for our 10th and 20th anniversaries.
VOCI Amici frequently organizes concerts in Switzerland but has also performed in France (Ardèche and Burgundy) and Belgium (Aalst, Ghent). We have hosted concerts in Brittany and Grenoble for international meetings. In 2008, we sang in Rome and in summer 2011 participated in the Verona International Choral Festival. Choir highlights have been the performances sung at Mont St-Michel in Normandy in 2010 and at the Monastery of Montserrat and Barcelona in 2015. Last year we collaborated with the vocal ensemble Ermitage of Saint Petersburg.
The qualities of a female conductor for this male choral ensemble are revealed in the subtlety of the interpretation and in the meticulous care taken over vocal expression. The choice of repertoire reflects a search for originality guided by a strong commitment to aesthetic quality.

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