Coro Polifonico “San Giovanni Battista”, Domusnovas (ITA) – Direttore Vittorio Orrù


The polyphonic choir activity dates back to 1996 and soon becomes an important reality that people know and appreciate thanks to many gatherings of choral music organized in the iglesiente and throughout the territory of the island that actively involve the chorus in musical performances.
The repertory, at first purely religious, gradually acquires Sardinian folk tradition songs and Gospel spiritual songs, including famous classical melodies and reworking successful pieces of light music.
In 2000, the choir has become “San Giovanni Battista musical and instrumental association” on the one hand, the association keeps on privileging sacred music, but on the other hand pays attention to other kind of music, taking part in concerts that involve choirs all over the island, with the aim to promote musical knowledge and to encourage practicing musical instruments.
Thanks to the continuous efforts and dedication of Sergio Talana, who directed the choir until 2012, in collaboration with the poet Francesco Carlini, the association wanted to exalt the campidanese folk song by adding new pieces of music based on this kind of folk music as well.
From 2013 the choir is directed by Vittorio Orrù who along the same line as Talana works to reinforce the old repertory and to bring some interesting changes.

Coro polifonico Femminile di Portoscuso (ITA) – Direttore Nadia Fois

Coro polifonico femminile di Portoscuso (ITA)

The polyphonic choir of Portoscuso was born in 1993 thanks to the will and passion of a group of lovers of singing and polyphony. At first it was founded as a mixed formation but after a few years it became a female formation. It currently consists of 18 singers and is directed by Fois Nadia. The choir has to its credit several concerts on the island of Sardinia as well as in Italy and abroad. In fact, it participates in several important choral festivals and reviews (Music and Friends in Prague Vienna, Festival Pusteria, Festival al Sole della Sardegna) as well as in partnership with Italian and foreign choirs (Krakow, Nice, Lucca, Versilia). Its repertoire is ranging from medieval music, to sacred and secular music of the Renaissance and also Gospel and Spiritual songs, contemporary music pieces, chorales taken from operas and finally pieces taken from the popular music of its beloved Sardinia.

Coro Polifonico Maria Munserrara, Tratalias (Italy) – Direttore Iside Fonnesu

Coro Maria Munserrara, Tratalias (ITA)

The Folk Choir Maria Munserrara was founded in 1980 in Tratalias, a small town in the Sulcis, and has approached the singing Sardinian driven by passion and supported by an interest in the values ​​of the Sardinian culture, present in traditional folk songs.
Undoubtedly it has a long existence, among the most durable of the traditional groups of Sardinia, thirty-five.
From the date of founding to the present he has never stopped its research activities, elaboration and proposition of vocal expressions that are part of the musical tradition in different linguistic island: campidanese, Nuoro, logudorese and obviously Sulcis.
The Choir has taken particular passion, achieving good results, the sacred songs that accompany the celebration of Mass. Service also often play at weddings and not religious.
Almost his entire repertoire, about fifty songs, runs in polyphonic form, accompanied by the talented musicians of accordion, flute and guitar.
Over the years he has had the pleasure and the honor of performing in most of the municipalities of Sardinia, and has been featured in countless music festivals in the theaters, in the streets and on television island.
The choir has had the pleasure and good fortune to go beyond the boundaries of the island and represent singing traditional Sardinian beyond national borders. Like to mention the presence in Verona, Trieste, Padova, Brescia, Udine, Fumane, Borgomanero; abroad remember Grenoble, Forks Villers, Lyon, Bourg en Bresse!

Coro Polifonico Maschile Sulcitano (ITA) – Direttore Antonino Collu


The Coro Polifonico Maschile Sulcitano was born at the will of some fans of the choral music of the Sardinian kind and is composed, as by the name, by men only. There are four fundamental voices: the first tenor, the second, the baritone and the bass, and have about 20 elements.
The Group is formed and begins its activity in November 2016, therefore of recent constitution, and rehearse once a week as all members are already part of other mixed coral formation in the territory and is the only male formation in the Sulcis .
The conductor, Antonino Collu, begins his musical studies with the late Don Pietro Allori, continuing the training course strictly in schools and with private masters. It does not boast academic titles, only so much passion, a strong burden of humility and a lot of tenacity, which, combined together, allow the Group to achieve satisfactory results.

Associazione Donne in Musica di Villacidro (ITA) – Direttore Massimo Atzori

Associazione Donne in Musica di Villacidro - Italy

The choir « Women in Music » was officially born the 3rd March 2014 . It ‘a  three voices chorus; it’s composed by 25 elements and it’s conducted by Maestro Massimo Atzori. The choir range from pop music to sacred songs, in  Sardinian language, English and French. The choir, before its official founding, has had an experience brought forward by Circolo Didattico « G. Dessi  » in Villacidro, where the Master Atzori took care of a project of a » Children’s Choir » in the pre-primary school, where even parents and teachers were involved.
The first performance took place in 2012 in the « Christmas Sage » with the children of the Circolo Didattico. The public debut of the choir « Women in Music » took place in Villamar on the 24 June  2014 for the St. John feast, linked to the performances of the « Totus Impari – All Together”  with the participation of Maria Giovanna Cherchi. Later, the choir participated in all the events of the « Totus Impari », a festival of choirs that ended in June of 2015 in Villacidro for the St. Anthony feast.

Cantorums Manskör (Sweden) – Direttore Bo Glembring

Cantorums Manskör Sweden

CANTORUMS MANSKOR (The CANTORUM Male Voice Choir) started in 1956 in Gothenburg, Sweden as the choir of the Song- and Music Society CANTORUM. Over the years both the choir and the repertoire has expanded. Today there are over 50 members representing one of the most active male voice choirs in the western part of Sweden.
Every year the choir arranges a spring concert in the concert hall of the “Academy of music and drama” at the University of Gothenburg and in December a Christmas concert in one of the larger churches with, on both occasions, invited soloists often from the Opera house of Gothenburg. Additionally to these concerts the choir makes other performances during the season, sacred and profane.

The choir has made several travels to abroad countries such as Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Holland, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Great Britain, Poland some as a choir exchange, some on invitations to song- & music festivals. The intension is to keep up with this tradition to get the opportunity of meeting other fellow singers and make contacts over the borders.
Since 1993 Mr Bo Glembring is the conductor of the choir. He is a man in his best ages and has always devoted his free time to song and music. Starting as a member of the Cathedrals boys’ choir he has ended up as a fine tenor soloist and pianist. In addition to this he is also conducting the Police male voice choir of Gothenburg and is the associate conductor of a large mixed choir named Lodola as well.

Corale Caterina Cittadini (Cortoghiana – Italy) – Direttore Mariano Garau

Corale Caterina Cittadini (Cortoghiana), Sardinia, Italy

« CORALE CITTADINI » from Cortoghiana is a female amateur choir. Under Mariano Garau’s direction it has taken part in several cultural events, besides national choir festivals in Sinnai, Quartucciu, Cagliari and Iglesias. It has participated in two editions of the International Festival « AL SOLE DELLA SARDEGNA » carried out at the S. Antioco Martire Cathedral in Tratalias in 2018 and at the Church of Calasetta in 2019. In the month of october 2019 it has taken part in the International Festival « CANTUS ANGELI » on the Amalfi Coast.

MARIANO GARAU is an Italian composer author of numerous works of Religious Music. He has written for the Amnesty International Association and cooperated with the Philadelphia International Opera Theater writing three Cantatas then performed in both Italy and the United States of America. Some of his plays have been published in France, in the U.S.A. and in Switzerland. His compositions are performed by choirs from all over the world

Coro Concordia Villa Ecclesiae (Sardegna – Italia) – Direttore Paolo Autelitano

Coro Concordia Villa Ecclesiae

The Cultural Association « CORO CONCORDIA VILLA ECCLESIAE – voices of the ancient and noble city of Iglesias » was established in 2020 on the initiative of some friends with great passion for singing and previous experiences in other choral ensembles.
The main objective that we set ourselves was to enhance and disseminate, through choral singing, the Sardinian tradition, culture and language, both in its traditional expressions and with original songs to keep alive the memory of the history of our beautiful city and its millenary mining culture.
To reach this goal, some members of the choir have written songs in the Sardinian language, in the Iglesiente variant, which tell of daily life, the beauty of our territory and that mining reality that strongly characterizes our beautiful city, Iglesias.
Some of these songs, thanks to the precious collaboration of Maestro Mariano Garau, have become the songs that today allow us to tell the world the story of our fathers and our daily life as children of the mine.
Central core and reference for all of us, the Director Paolo Autelitano; tireless in the search for the best sounds and capable of making all the members of the choir express to the best of their ability.

In the repertoire both sacred and profane music to be able to tell and accompany every moment of life in music.
In the context of sacred music, songs in both Latin and Italian, from the songs of the Holy Week to those accompanying the Eucharistic celebration, and in Sardinian, from the traditional Deus ti salvet to the Ave Maria by Bepi de Marzi.
The repertoire is completed by songs that speak of the mine through stories of real life and family memories, of historical events such as the strike of May 11th, 1920 and its deaths and the daily life of an Iglesias of the last century and still current.
It was an interesting experience to translate and propose, with the author’s approval, « Pastori » by maestro Bepi de Marzi, which allowed us to feel this beautiful song more ours.
The choir has been present in the ancient rites of Holy Week since 2022.

Coro Polifonico Boxis Nodias (Italy) – Direttore Massimo Atzori

Coro Polifonico Boxis Nodias

The polyphonic chorus « Boxis Nodias » of Siliqua was born in 2012, due to its founder members’ singing passion. Since then it performs in several concerts throughout Sardinia, earning an hearty success .The choir’s repertoire is varied and purpose of the chorus is to live actively the spare time in an atmosphere of friendship, spreading the choral practice. The choir Director is Massimo Atzori.

Coro Polifonico Sid Addir Babay (Italy) – Direttore Massimo Atzori


Born in September 2004, and registered and established as a cultural association and musical since October 2009. The name of the choir is not random, it was linked to the cult that took place in the Valley of Antas, site of the Punic Roman Temple that located three kilometers from Fluminimaggiore. This way we wanted to highlight the historical and prehistoric importance of our territory, linking it to the musical culture to make this example of union is a good omen for all, in the hope that cultural differences are in the music a meeting point.
The Polyphonic Choir has participated both in June 2011 than in June 2013, at the International Festival HOCHPUSTERTAL in Trentino Alto Adige representing the whole of Sardinia, in September 2012 took part in the 3rd International festival of Folklore held in Pineda de Mar in Spain, and It is performed in different parts of Sardinia.
Organize important character Regional initiatives. To be highlighted: the Christmas choir festival « to the star », and on August 07, the exhibition « a star » night with the participation of various choirs, August 27, 2013, organized a large demonstration in Fluminimaggiore called « cantendi tottusu learn « with the participation of seven choirs totaling 168 singers come from all over Sardinia.

In December 2014-2015 he has participated in Cagliari at solidarity concert called « CHRISTMAS IN Businco ».
He has achieved in recent years more than 200 concerts and has a vast repertoire ranging from classic to modern, contemporary, traditional folk not only Sardinian. Counts in its repertoire pieces from Sardinian musical tradition, reworked by artistic director and premiered in various concerts.

Limerick Choral Union (Ireland) – Direttore Malcome Green


LIMERICK CHORAL UNION is based in Limerick, Ireland which is situated in the Mid West Region of Ireland.   LCU was formed in 1964 and we are fast approaching our 60th anniversary , we are very proud to say that we have become stronger and stronger over those 60 years.
LCU is a community choir and we welcome everyone of all ages and singing ability ,   all we ask is that you can sing in tune…. the rest you will learn from the choir members and our wonderful Musical Director Malcom Green.
Each year we perform two major concerts in the Concert Hall of the University of Limerick.   Unfortunately , we had to take a long break due to the Covid pandemic,   our last pre-Covid concert was in December 2019 so we were all delighted that we were able to make our come back in May 2022 with a memorial concert.   We performed Faure’s Requiem and Beethoven’s Mass in C and dedicated the concert to all those who lost their lives during the Pandemic and also those who lost their lives in the war in the Ukraine.   It was a very moving concert and it reminded us of how important music and singing is.
So we are hopeful that from now on , we will be allowed to sing as normal and we are planning our next concert of Handel’s Messiah for next December. !  We also do various smaller concerts during the year for charities and festivals locally in Limerick.

Meanwhile , we are so thrilled to be attending this festival on the beautiful island of Sardinia, again, we had planned to be here in September 2020 but this had to be postponed until now … we are sure that our visit will be worth the very long wait !!   We would like to thank you all for your welcome and hospitality and we are looking forward to sharing our music together.     I would especially like to thank Guiliano and Barbara for all their hard work in organising this festival and look forward to catching up with our old friends.

Polifonica S.Barbara di Gonnosfanadiga (Sardegna) – Direttore Marco Sotgiu

Polifonica S.Barbara di Gonnosfanadiga

the Polyphonic Santa Barbara was born in Gonnosfanadiga in 2011 for will to a group of friends sharing a passion for choral singing under the baton of maestro Marco Sotgiu, intends to raise awareness and disseminate early music in its sacred value and popular, even in Sardinian language, belonging to the rich cultural heritage of our region. the staff consists of 18 singers: tenors, sopranos, mezzo sopranos, contraltos and basses, which with the harmonies of a cappella singing creates a charming and engaging. in the five years of activity, the choir, despite the many difficulties encountered along the way, pushed ahead with enthusiasm, seriousness and action ‘, a group work together with maestro, which allowed the singers to live a new musical experience, able to enrich themselves and the listener.

Sinfonie nel Vento Choir, Seulo (Italy) – Direttore Donatella Sottovia

Sinfonie nel Vento Choir, Seulo (ITA)

The « Sinfonie nel Vento » Choir was born in September 2015 in Seulo. Seulo (Ca), the country’s capital of the same name, Barbagia, has the highest longevity in the world and is part of the Blue Zone brand. The founder and director is Donatella Sottovia. It is a mixed voice chorus composed of 12 elements. The passion for singing makes its repertoire boast traditional Sardinian songs, Italian songs, and songs from all over the world. He debuted in 2015 at a memorial.
In 2016 he participated in « Sagra del vino » at Jerzu and at the Christmas concert at a Jerzu rest-home.
In January 2017 it participated in the event « 1000 voci per Amatrice » in Tonara.
In April they are present at the « Calici di Pasqua » at Jerzu and for « S’Orrosa ‘e Padenti » in Seulo.
In May they sing at Carbonia for « Primavera sulcitana ».
June still sees them in Cagliari for the « Fiera del Gusto ».

Songworks – Edinburgh (UK) – Direttore Irene Railley

Songworks - Edinburgh

Established in 2005 Songworks Edinburgh is a friendly, welcoming community choir for all ages and abilities. We currently have around 50 members.
Under the musical direction of Irene Railley we sing songs from around the world a cappella, usually in four-part harmony. Our repertoire includes Gospel, African, Georgian, French, Italian, Hawaiian and sacred songs as well as traditional Scottish songs.
Over the years we have sung in many local Christmas concerts, and choir festivals in Cuba, Italy and Croatia. We have also taken to the stage during the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe, most recently in 2018 with three sellout concerts with an Australian choir.
Like many other choirs our activities have been severely curbed over the last two years due to the pandemic but we are very happy to be back singing together again.

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