Coro Polifonico S. Giovanni Battista – Italy

Conductor Vittorio Orrù

The polyphonic choir activity dates back to 1996 and soon becomes an important reality that people know and appreciate thanks to many gatherings of choral music organized in the iglesiente and throughout the territory of the island that actively involve the chorus in musical performances.
The repertory, at first purely religious, gradually acquires Sardinian folk tradition songs and Gospel spiritual songs, including famous classical melodies and reworking successful pieces of light music.
In 2000, the choir has become “San Giovanni Battista musical and instrumental association” on the one hand, the association keeps on privileging sacred music, but on the other hand pays attention to other kind of music, taking part in concerts that involve choirs all over the island, with the aim to promote musical knowledge and to encourage practicing musical instruments.

Coro Polifonico San Giovanni Battista - Domusnovas (Italy)

Thanks to the continuous efforts and dedication of Sergio Talana, who directed the choir until 2012, in collaboration with the poet Francesco Carlini, the association wanted to exalt the campidanese folk song by adding new pieces of music based on this kind of folk music as well.
From 2013 the choir is directed by Vittorio Orrù who along the same line as Talana works to reinforce the old repertory and to bring some interesting changes.

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